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P-Bandai Exclusive: Gundam Heavy Arms Custom EW Close

Giá bán :
1.850.000 ₫
Số lượng đã bán:
Đánh giá:
Phí vận chuyển:
Tính phí khi thanh toán
Số lượng :

MG 1/100 Heavyarms Custom EW edition makes an eagerly-awaited appearance in the MG Series!!


   The clown of the battlefield, here comes again --------   

   Mobile Suits X X X G - 0 1 H 2

   Heavyarms Custom, the heavily-equipped MS operated by Trowa Barton, appears!



From “NEW MOBILE REPORT GUNDAM WING Endless Waltz” the Gundam Heavyarms Custom EW is made into a product for the Master Grade series.

With the entire body storing various weapons, it is called a “walking ammunition depot”. It’s thoroughly reproduced here with new weapons and colored molding!


● Characteristic armaments are recreated with new molding!

     With a large Double Gatling Gun that can be equipped to both arms, and a four-barreled vulcan chest-part loaded into the chest hatch,

   the characteristic weapons of the “Gundam Heavyarms Custom EW” are reproduced with new molding that matches MG’s rich detail.


 〔 Double Gatling Gun 〕

   The “Gundam Heavyarms” main weapon is a double-barreled Beam Gatling Gun for strong

   firepower with increased attacking ability. The Double Gatling Gun can be equipped to both arms.

   In addition, it is possible to carry the equipment by mounting it to the backpack.


 〔 Chest Vulcan ]

    The inside of the chest hatch of “Gundam Heavyarms” is loaded with a chest vulcan that has been increased from two to four barrels.

   When all bullets are firing at full power with the hatch fully open, its power increases even more.


● Comes with clown mask!

   The symbolic clown mask of the pilot, Trowa, is equipped to the MS face and presented with new parts.


● Comes with BRAND NEW Character Figures! 

   Comes with brand new molded figure of Trowa Barton in a Mariemeia Army uniform made to scale.

   Additionally, comes with scaled figure in cockpit pose (sitting).


● Comes with a new design of water slide decals!


Weapons : Double Gatling Gun

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